My first blog

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Being a blogger gives me comfort …it will make me know the world!

Someone specialΒ 

I will be turning 15 after 3 months . In these 15 years I experienced a lot of happiness and sadness.  Many persons came into my life .. some are still with me and some left me for no reason . But everyone taught me something in life to follow .

I think the one who read my blog usually notice in my few posts I mentioned about someone , who liked my posts first and commented it . Yup … This is for him …my first friend in blog . He was not just a friend , something more than that . He say me as a sister but I was not able to see him as a brother . Moreover he was more than just a friend for me . We talked a lot …. And became close friends …

He wrote a beautiful story . After reading that I too wrote one . From his works I understand that writing can make us enter into ones πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“ 😊 heart . But I don’t know if I succeeded or not . As you all know I couldn’t hide anything , I am open to all. We had some fights ….. Some clashes . But I feel really upset and told not to message again . 

I really felt sad for my mistake . Then each moment I began to miss him. But as truth always come above all . I got him back . I agreed to be his sis …..

We are siblings , friends and for me secretely ( soul mate ) ….. I want to thank him for giving me the most beautiful days of my life ….. 

I love you my bro …….I miss uuuuu 


I don’t know if there is rebirth .

If it is there , then I wish to be something … 

Yes …

A teardrop .

Yup to be born in the eyes of my love.

To live my few seconds in his beautiful cheeks 

And then finally ….

To die in his sweet lips …..

I just love you blindly ajuyetta . I can’t tell how much it is … … I miss uuuuu lot 😒😒

 – With lots love …

Anakha …

My love Story πŸ’žπŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

Why I love you these much sweetheart πŸ’•

Still I remember the day I saw you for the first time …. We smiled at each other and I never expected that you will be mine forever. 

I don’t know how we fall in love with each other. You were looking so cute ,so I gave you the name cute kuttan . I thought you were studying in +1 or +2 but……that’s it all my predictions we’re wrong .

I just wanted to be your friend . We chatted and I feel so comfortable with you. Like we we’re friends long back . You were so funny and your presence made me happier but that time also I haven’t expected that we were falling in love with each other .

The same day of our first meet … It might be night 8:45 . You asked do I like you . I said yes , everyone in our school bus likes you and me too . Then you asked is that like love …….. I think for lot . I said no it’s just friendship . You said sorry and said bye . I felt so sad . Then you said you had many lovers before but having a special feel towards me . And asked to be his wife forever and not just a lover ………..

The next moment I said Yes .

Our Love story thus begins …..

We shared our darkest secrets and promised to be one forever . We faced many challenges but we stand together and fought . Our Love story continues …..


My sweetheart πŸ’•

I just blindly love you baby .Every single moment I’m thinking about you .Our days of love ,you showed me heaven . I can say to everyone that love is divine , uuuu proved it . Why do you love me these much baby ? I’m not cute , nor nothing much special about me but you just love me a lot and I’m jelous of myself for being loved so much by u . At first I thought you were not much serious about our love but now I’m damn sure about it .

(First one in brown dress is my love Ajuraj and the one in red dress is his brother Anuraj )

When my mom asked you are u stopping this relationship or not …. You said no she is my girl and I will marry her . I feel proud to be your girl….
We are now long distance apart , but our πŸ’“ is one . I miss you a lot baby . I’m waiting to see you cute smile and be hold in your hands . I just want to hug you tight and kiss you … MwaaaaaaaΓ aaaaaaah πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Ά babyyyyy…

Valentine’s Day πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

Love is the song of my heart and it’s rhythm is you my love ….😘😘😘😘😘

Love comes through eyes ,as they help me see you . Love comes through ears ,as they help me hear your soft voice . Love comes through hands ,as your touch sent shivers down my spine .Love comes through dreams,as I dream about the life you have imparted me .Love comes through smiles ,as I fall for you everytime you smile .Love comes through your tight embrace ,making me feel secure in your arms .Love comes through the heart ,as my heart skips a beat whenever I see you and love comes through me ….. Love comes through you ….. So that’s what our love is all about .

Undivided attention and unconditional love are the two things a girl expect from her guy … U gave me more than that . It has been 76 days we have met , 2 months and 14 days …. Each moment my depth of love towards u is increasing …..

I can’t lose u because if I ever did I I would lose my best friend,my soulmate,my smile , my laugh , my everything …..

The greatest challenge of life is finding true love and I found uuuuu …

It’s Valentine’s day we can’t enjoy it together but I wanna hear from u love me more than you did before …

       Anakha loves Ajuraj ….